Lotus Flowers, Watercolour Series

For centuries and across many cultures, the lotus flower has been considered a sacred flower representing spiritual enlightenment and rebirth.  I, too, was inspired to paint the lotus flower as a symbol of beauty, light, and hope rising out of the depths of darkness and despair.
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Rainbow of Love

Love is a wonderful and beautiful rainbow of colours. I’m kicking off 2016 with a patchwork of colourful hearts, individually hand cut and then arranged to make up a Rainbow of Love.
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Patchwork Panda

New in my Etsy Shop – a patchwork panda to go with my patchwork owls! I made him for a lovely customer of mine who had a request for a panda in red, black and white.
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The Making of a Patchwork Fairy Pig

My lovely customer, Larissa, who previously had a special request for a pirate dog, asked me if I could custom make another plush toy, but this time for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. Larissa came up with the idea of a Fairy Pig as her daughter’s favorite animal at the moment is a pig and she also loves to dress up as a fairy. What a great idea!
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Baby Bunny Pillows

Been busy as a bee the last few days sewing up some new baby bunny pillows to add to my Etsy shop. And OMG I can’t get over how cute these bunnies have turned out! Talk about kawaii. I didn’t even know what that word meant a couple of years ago.
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Giveaway Day May 2012 – Patchwork Bunny Pillow Plushie

***  This giveaway is now closed – the winner is Emily from the UK  (comment#14)  – congratulations Emily! ***

Welcome to my second Giveaway Day hosted by Sew Mama Sew! {be sure to check them out for other great giveaways}
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Cupcake the Patchwork Bunny Pillow Plush Toy

I have just finished designing and sewing up a new patchwork bunny pillow and it is now available at my Etsy shop! I’ve named it Cupcake and it comes with its very own felt toy carrot which can be carried around in a front pocket.
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Spreading the Love

The other week I saw on the Etsy Blog a project that they do in conjunction with Citymeals-on-wheels. Along with delivering nutritious meals to elderly New Yorkers on Valentine’s Day, they will also be providing handmade greeting cards and companionship. It’s a project that has become an Etsy tradition.
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Patchwork Alphabet and Numbers

I have added two new art prints to my Etsy store. Patchwork Alphabet and Numbers are a bright and colorful collage of fabric letters and numbers that are a visual feast for young and old!
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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

For some reason I like this expression a lot and the imagery that goes with it. Now you can see what I see in my mind when I think, “it’s raining cats and dogs”! This quirky illustration is available in my Etsy shop.
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Rubber Ducky – King of the Bathtub

♫ Rubber ducky you’re the one..you make bath time so much fun..♫ This is a small watercolor painting that I completed quite some time ago which is now available as an art print in my Etsy store.
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Tree of Life – Woodland Creatures

Happy 2012!! My new year’s resolution is to do more painting this year, so here it is, introducing the first in a series of Nursery Art Prints that I am doing to add to my Etsy store. It is available as an 8×10 and 11×14 print.
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Winner of the Giveaway Day for 2011

This winner is: Katina and her comment was ” Your owls are so cute. I love owls and they are popping up all over the place now. My favorite colors are fuchsia and royal blue. My favorite smell is CHOCOLATE!! Thanks for the great giveaway!”

Congratulations Katina! I have already notified you by email.
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Welcome to the GIVEAWAY DAY for 2011!

***Entries for this giveaway are now closed.***
AND THE WINNER IS …>>> click here

Well, actually it’s for 5 days – Monday Dec 12 to Friday Dec 16.

For this giveaway I am going to give you a choice of two patchwork owl pillow plush toys – one is for a girl and one is for a boy – the winner gets to choose which one they would like!
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Giveaway Day Dec 12-16, 2011 – Are You Ready?!

It’s almost here – the big Giveaway Day hosted by Sew Mama Sew!

Thankfully some supplies I ordered last week got delivered today – just in time to make what I plan to giveaway next week. Gotta say, am quite excited :P !!!
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My Growing Family of Patchwork Owls

Since making these delightful patchwork owls for my Etsy Shop, I have noticed that owls have been visiting us at night, hoo hooing away while we are watching TV or getting ready for bed. At first I couldn’t work out where the sound was coming from, thinking that it was part of the TV show we were watching, but then I realized it was coming from the chimney. And sure enough when I went outside, I could see an owl perched on top of our chimney, and another sitting on the neighbor’s chimney!
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Plan vs Life

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon.
So, the plan was to move 2000 plus miles away, but life happened in between and we are still here, half packed and waiting…waiting…waiting.

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May/June 2011, Moving and Closing Up Shop For a While

We are moving!
I really hate moving, I’m sure I’m not alone in that category. For something I really hate, I have done it over 25 times and it’s not going to be the last time. Glutton for punishment or just the irony of life?
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Kidz Head 2 Toe – A Children’s Resale Boutique & More

Kidz Head to Toe is a newly established business in Long Beach, California, specializing in resale boutique clothing for children as well as featuring unique handmade items from local crafters. I am pleased to announce that I was approached by them to include my swaddle blankets in their ‘market place‘ of crafters!
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