Over the summer my stepdaughter took a keen interest in learning how to crochet, so it prompted me to pick up the crochet hook again.

Amigurumi World

Years ago I had bought Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet and had crocheted a number of the projects in the book. If you’re into crocheting cute amigurumi things, I highly recommend the book. Easy to follow directions and all the projects have turned out very nicely for me.

For the cupcake I increased the size of it which I find relatively easy to work out once I get the hang of a pattern.

Hedgehog crochet

For the hedgehog I modified it a bit by adding 2 extra legs and coming up with my own version of the prickly coat as I wanted a lumpier texture than what was in the book.

Hedgehog crochet
Hedgehog crochet

For those interested in it, here is my version of the prickly coat:

– Join yarn at bottom edge of hegdehog and working in rows going up the body, around the ears and head
– Ch4, SC in 2nd Ch from hook, sk 1 SC, SC, repeat.

Hope that makes sense and happy crocheting!

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