The Triple French Knot is an embroidery stitch, but can also be used when making Amigurumi Crochet Animals.

1. Thread yarn through needle and tie a big knot at the end.

2. Pull needle through the crocheted yarn from the back to the front.

3. Wrap yarn around needle three times.

4. With thread still wrapped around the needle, put needle back into the crocheted yarn right next to where you started. Hold yarn tight in your fingers so that the yarn is wrapped closely around the needle while you are putting the needle back into the crocheted yarn.

5. Pull the needle through to the back. Tug on the yarn so that the French Knot is secure.

6. You can keep repeating steps 2 to 5 for more Triple French Knots.

Here is an example of where I have used Triple French Knots. The buttons on Baby Koala and the claws on Mama Koala.

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