For the past 18 months I’ve been tolerating some drab curtains in our kitchen/eating area. I had bought some thermal drapes on sale in the hopes of keeping out some of the intense afternoon heat and light.

The drapes did their job to some degree, but I just couldn’t stand how dreary they looked, especially since it covered a large space of the wall and we spend much of our time in this area of our home. It was definitely time to do something about it!

Curtains Premier Prints Emma Candy Pink

For less than $45 I was able to turn our curtains from dreary to cheery! Instead of replacing them altogether and making them from scratch, I decided to revamp them and bought 6 yards of medium weight fabric (Premier Prints Emma Candy Pink) from I absolutely love shopping from this website! All I had to do was measure them up by using the existing curtain panel as a guide, hem up the sides, top and bottom and sew them directly onto the thermal drapes.

Curtains Premier Prints Emma Candy Pink

I just attached the new layer by sewing at the top where the curtain rod feeds through. The rest of the layer is unattached, so if I ever want to detach the two layers I just have to unpick the top.

Curtains Premier Prints Emma Candy Pink

They have turned out perfectly. The insulation they provide is now even more noticeable, they look so much better and make the house more a home.

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