Not only is this a great way to use up any magazines you have lying around, it’s also an easy summer craft project to do with the kids AND the results are pretty awesome!
I got the idea from this YouTube video which shows you how to fold the magazine pages into single petals to construct a flower and then gluing the flowers together to form a globe. You just need a glue-stick and a magazine – how simple is that!

The kids and I had a really fun time making all the flower petals. We started off with 6 petal flowers, but then decided that 5 petals looked better.

magazine paper flower

Putting together the flowers to form the globe is the trickiest part, so I did most of that while the kids kept folding the magazine pages into petals.

summer craft project for kids

I added a piece of string to our magazine flower globe so that we could hang it up. To do that I used a stronger glue, like Elmers Craft Glue, and laid the string through the middle of the globe as I was constructing it.

Recycle magazine into flower globe

The flower globe hangs in the kids’ bedroom and I must say it looks pretty awesome :)

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