This is a simple yet good game for kids (and adults, too!) to hone their memory skills. You can just print out the page and cut along the dotted lines to make up the cards, but I think the added step of coloring in makes it more fun and personalized, as well as keep the kiddies occupied for longer :) Play it with 2 or more kids, or even one can play on his/her own.

Click here for the free PDF!

  • Step 1: Print out as many pages as you want.
  • Step 2: Get the crayons/pencils/markers out and get kids to color in the page.
  • Step 3: To prevent the back of each picture showing through, you will need to stick another piece of paper or card onto the back. Make sure the paper or card is the all same color.
  • Step 4: Cut along dotted lines.
  • Step 5: Turn pictures face down, mix them up and then line them up in several neat rows.
  • Step 6: Take turns in turning over two cards each – the aim of the game is to match up the pictures – if the pictures don’t match up, then face them down again and the next person has a go. If the pictures match, take them away and have another turn.
  • Step 7: Whoever ends up with the most pairs wins!

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