This is where all crochet begins, doing a slip knot and then a chain stitch.
Basic stuff, but essential.

how to chain stitch1. This is how I start with all my crochet. I’m right handed so I have my skein of yarn on my left and the end of the yarn on my right. If you are left handed it would be the opposite.
how to chain stitch2. Wrap the yarn over your index and middle fingers of your left hand as shown in the picture. You can hold the crochet hook in your right hand as you do this.
how to chain stitch3. Feed the crochet hook through the loop, over and under the yarn.
how to chain stitch4. Pull the hooked yarn through the loop while holding the two ends of the yarn with your left thumb and index finger.
how to chain stitch5. Pull the two ends of the yarn gently to tighten the loop onto the hook. This is a slip knot. If you were to take the hook out and pull the two ends of the yarn, the yarn will straighten out.
how to chain stitch6. Position the yarn so that the long end is over the index finger of your left hand and then held into position with your ring and little fingers. When I first started to crochet it took me a while to get into a comfortable way of holding the yarn. The more you crochet the more you’ll find a position that’s natural and comfortable for you.
how to chain stitch7. Guide the hook with your right hand to go over and under the yarn so that the yarn is wrapped around the hook as shown in the picture.
how to chain stitch8. Pull the yarn through the loop.
how to chain stitch9. That is one chain stitch.
how to chain stitch10. Repeat steps 7 and 8.
how to chain stitch11. That’s two chain stitches. The loop on the hook does not count as a stitch.
how to chain stitch12. Repeat steps 7 and 8 again and again until you have a chain of stitches.

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