35 cm (w) x 48 cm (h)

This drawing was exhibited next to a poem written by Rick Patrick as part of the “Love Lives” exhibition in Paddington Sydney, 2005.

True Heart

Be brave and proud – for being truthful,
In times of doubt, hold out your sword.
Any man worth his shield, and half his call
Will respect the one whose god is God.

Never walk back, never retreat from
The heart which makes you one and true,
Walk on…look in the eyes of the storm
And never Sorry for being you.

I think there’s a lot to be said about standing firm in what you believe in even though life may thrash you around with high winds and dark storms. For me, I believe the truth always reveals itself in the end and my little bit of fortune cookie wisdom to go with this picture is: Rather be a seeker of truth than a speaker of lies.

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